It's me, hi 👋🏻

I just really love to make things.

Whilst I slipped into computer science by getting on the wrong bus, it let me discover my favourite things to make are apps. As soon as I downloaded Xcode one rainy saturday morning at Flat Caps Coffee I was hooked. The feeling I got when I managed to have the food tracker tutorial running on my own iPhone is something I'll never forget, and I still re-visit it when I solve something new.

I'm lucky to have found success with my apps, but I'm most proud of the work I did at Unflow. I spent a year working with David & Romy to build the mobile parts of Unflow, a next generation mobile SDK ( you can still have a try here ) This meant building both an Android & iOS SDK, their companion apps, then doing my best with design where possible. From OnboardingKit through to the way that the carousel animated, it's work I'm very greatful for.

When I'm not staring at Figma or Xcode, I'm running or watching basketball ( the brooklyn way ).

Today, I’m building out the future of my apps, and working on something new to make writing content for this site a little easier. If you'd like to work with me, or just grab a coffee, please reach out.