WWDC ( 10 Minute Version )


It's not always easy to cram in a full watch of the keynote, so here's my notes.

Everything is chronological, except, I've put the big thing first...

the big thing

It's called Vision Pro., and it's os is visonOS.

It's great to finally see it, isn't it? After so many years of rumors, this feels great. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on this thing. I have no idea what i'd use it for, but you can be sure there'll be coffee book on it. Probably.

It's $3499, and it will be available early next year.

The interface & tech

  • It feels familiar visually, but crafted to add more physicality and dimension ( things cast shadows )
  • It supports virtual environments, so you can work
  • The headset has "EyeSight" and makes sure people can see your eyes, and you can also see people through your display. If someone comes in the room, it'll let them almost "fade" into your view.
  • They've added a minority report style 3D space for you to work in, moving content wherever
  • Typing in the air is supported, but you can also connect bluetooth accessories
  • Your mac can be used inside the headset, like the headset is a second monitor
  • There's so much to go over, but essentially they've taken things we already have, and made them 3D, or more immersive
  • A portable cinema mode looks great, espeically on planes
  • Apple Arcade is supported
  • Disney has come onboard to make stuff for this thing
    • Disney+ has AR Experiences!
    • Sport immersion gets to a new level, with NBA, F1, NFL and more - I can't wait for this.
  • The device can scan you, and then represent you with a virtual persona in calls

The device

  • There's inspiration from everything, from HomePod material, through to the digital crown and Apple Watch bands
  • Digital crown is here
  • The whole system is modular, so the light seal can be swapped out to fit your face
  • Bands have adjustments
  • ZEISS has optical inserts for the display, meaning us glasses folks don't miss out
  • 23,000,000 pixels, Micro OLED. More pixels than a 4K screen per eye
  • Spacial audio built right in
  • It runs a special dual chip design, with an M2 and a specific chip for reality processing, the R1
  • There's a new Optic ID that replaces Face ID, using just your eyes


  • Some folks already got access, and they've begun building out apps alraady
  • Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit and ARKit, are all here
  • iOS frameworks are here, and that means we can use plenty of iOS and iPadOS apps already
  • Reality Composer Pro is an improved version of Reality Composer
  • Unity tech available, so we should hopefully see some great games!
  • A whole new App Store available

There was some other stuff, too...


  • 15" Macbook Air!

    • "The worlds best 15 laptop" honestly this probably isn't wrong
    • Essentially the same as it's little brother, just with a big ol' 15", 500 nit peak brightness, screen.
    • 18 hours battery life
    • Runs M2 ( non pro )
    • Starts at $1299
    • Available for order today
  • The 13" Macbook Air has a price drop to $1099.

  • Mac Studio

    • Apparently SNL is made on Mac Studio, so I gotta step up my game
    • Runs M2 Max/Ultra
    • Up to 192GBP unfied memory if you're training one of those LLMS
  • Mac Pro

    • Finally!
    • Comes with M2 Ultra, and its 3x faster than the outgoing
    • It has so many ports - and six gen 4 PCI-E slots!
    • Starts at $6999

iOS 17

  • Communication

    • Contact posters let you have the caller takeover the phone when they call
    • CallKit supported
    • Live voicemail of incoming calls, so you can decide if you want to answer
    • You can leave FaceTime messages now!
    • There's a catchup button in messages so you don't miss everything when the group chat pops off
    • Check-in lets your friends and fam know when you're home, without needing to do it manually
    • New stickers! You can even make stickers from copying subjects in photos
    • Airdrop
      • Namedrop your contact info ( its like bump )
      • If someones sending big stuff, you can walk away and send over the web
    • Autocorrect is better ( and more personal )
  • Journal

    • On device ML powers suggestions for your writing, like your workouts
    • Suggestions API to promote your content in the journal
    • Pushes to say hey, write!
  • StandBy

    • Turn your iPhone into a lil' nightstand
    • Uses widgets ( including third parties! )
    • Supports live activities ( no missing the NBA in bed! )
  • You can say Siri without "hey"!

iPadOS 17

  • Interactive widgets
    • Including us third party devs!
  • The iOS lock screen experience is here too
    • We can add widgets to the side of the lockscreen ( interactions work here too )
  • It has live activities now
  • Health is sync'd to your iPad now
    • Yes, this means HealthKit on ipad
  • PDFs got super powers using ML, making filling out forms real easy
    • They're way better in notes too, with improvements to interaction, and collaboration
  • More flexibility to stage manager with its window sizes
  • You can use the external display camera on iPad
  • Freeform gets better drawing features, and a "follow me" mode

macOS Sonoma

The crack product marketing team strikes once again, with "Sonoma"

  • Gets most of the big stuff from iPad & iPhone, i.e widgets improvements
    • Widgets aren't just tucked away anymore, you can also get them on your desktop.
  • Screensavers like the ones on Apple TV ( yes, there's one for Sonoma )
  • Gaming
    • Game Mode prioritises CPU & GPU usage for games
    • It dramaticaly lowers audio & controller latency
    • Brand new Game Porting Toolkit
    • Death Stranding is coming to the mac
  • Productivity
    • Video conferencing upgrades, including reactions like baloons
    • You can have a lovely overlay of your content and yourself, it looks great!
  • Safari
    • Locks your private windows when you're not looking
    • Removes URL trackers where possible
    • You can share your passkeys with people in a group, i.e your family, or colleagues
    • Profiles
      • Make a work & personal profile, and it seperates cookies etc
    • Web Apps
      • You can now add to your dock just like an app
      • They open in a simplified version of safari that feels more like an app

Audio & Home

  • Adaptive Audio

    • Uses smarts to decide if it should have transparency or not for a given sound
    • Personalised volume makes sure you're getting the best experience
    • If you start speaking, the music will be lowered for you, and the background will be turned down
  • Automatic switching is improved for AirPods ( woo )

  • Airplay

    • Uses intelligence to suggest where to Airplay
    • You can start an Airplay session via your HomePod
    • Airplay in hotels lets you scan and go
  • Shareplay is avialable in the car

    • You can join a session, and suggest songs
    • Pass the AUX, but for the modern world
  • tvOS

    • Revamped controls
    • Find my support for the siri remote
    • Supports memories for the lockscreen, just pick and go
    • Facetime!
      • Uses continuity camera
      • Gesture support for things like reactions
      • Shareplay lets you watch with friends, actually on your TV


  • Big redesign!
  • Widgets on watchOS, including one that just holds a couple complications
  • They've re-designed many apps to make use of bigger screens, and a couple third parties have made some lovely stuff
  • Pallete is a watch face that shows time with color
  • Snoopy & Woodstock face ( he even gets his little running gear on when you workout )
  • Cycling
    • Connect things like power meters to your watch, letting you see stuff like cadence
    • There's even a power view, and it can work out your FTP, then work out your power zones
    • Cycling workouts show a live activity on your phone, and tapping lets you get a big screen view of your workout ( great for a phone mounted on the bars)
  • Hiking
    • Generates waypoints for last cellular connection & last SOS connection
    • Topographic maps available starting in the US
    • You can view information


  • Mental
    • You can track your mental health now
    • It collates with what you did that day, and lets you start to think about what caused your mood
    • Allows for common surveys that tell you the risks of a given condition.
  • Optical
    • You can track time in daylight, great for making sure someone is touching grass enough
    • The FaceID camera can now tell you off if you hold your device too close

This whole thing was spectacular, but I don't think there's that much for us to do

If you fancy reading a little more, or sharing your experiences, I’m @SwiftyAlex on twitter.